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Adult Classes

California School of Classical Ballet offers open adult classes year-round. Our open classes are the perfect opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with other dancers. We offer beginning and beginning/intermediate level classes, all taught by experienced instructors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you have dance experience or not, come join us and experience the transformational power of ballet.

Class Fees

Individual classes are $20 a class

Monthly Class fees go by how  many classes you take a week.

1 class a week is $65 a month

2 classes a week is $115 a month

Dress Code

There is not a dress code for our open adult classes. You are welcome to wear what you are most comfortable in as long as you are able to move freely in it, we do however require proper ballet shoes to be worn in class.


Please arrive on time to class, properly warmed up.

No food or gum is allowed in our studios; water only please.

Cell phones must be silenced.

2023/24 Schedule


Beginning Ballet



Beginning/ Intermediate Ballet


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